PowerDISTANCE is the first wireless charger capable of charging at a distance of up to 35 mm on any type of non-metallic surface (wood, ceramic, glass, …)

Thanks to the improvement in the distance ratio, its installation is very simple, since it does not require any adaptation or manipulation in the furniture where it is desired to install, being able to fix it under the table with a practical adhesive system.

With 5V / 1A output, the new PowerDISTANCE is compatible with all phones that incorporate Qi standard and BPP wireless charging technology and has CE and RoHs certifications. REACH and FCC approved.

Designed and patented, this new product is the best solution to incorporate wireless charging on any surface where you want to enjoy this comfortable wireless technology.

Xiaomi Mi 9 specs: Snapdragon 855, 20W wireless charging, 48MP camera

Xiaomi Mi 9 offers astounding hardware for less than half the cost of ‘traditional’ flagships.

Xiaomi was never conservative when it came to the hardware side of things, but the Mi 9 takes things to a whole new level. The phone features an all-new gradient pattern.

Then there’s the hardware itself: the Mi 9 is one of the first devices to be powered by the Snapdragon 855, and there are three cameras at the back. The main 48MP f/1.75 camera is joined by a 16MP wide-angle shooter and a 12MP zoom lens that offers 2x optical zoom. With an overall DxOMark score of 107, the Mi 9 edges out the likes of the Pixel 3 and the Galaxy Note 9.

The Mi 9 also has wireless charging that goes up to 20W, as well as a 27W wired charging option. The 6.39-inch FHD+ AMOLED panel is sourced from Samsung, and there’s an in-display fingerprint sensor under the panel.

Apple has joined the Wireless Power Consortium

Apple has joined the Wireless Power Consortium, an industry group that develops a widely-used wireless charging standard, an Apple spokesperson told Business Insider.

An Apple spokesperson provided this statement:

“Apple is an active member of many standards development organizations, as both a leader and contributor. Apple is joining the Wireless Power Consortium to be able to participate and contribute ideas to the open, collaborative development of future wireless charging standards. We look forward to working together with the WPC and its members.” Read More

iPhone 8 might finally bring wireless charging

Apple is trying to introduce wireless charging into the next iPhone, according to reports.

Rumours have long swirled around the iPhone 8 – even before the iPhone 7 was released this year. Reports have suggested that Apple is planning a major redesign for the new handset, which will mark the tenth anniversary of the iPhone, which might include an entirely glass body and a screen that takes up all of the front of the phone.

And new reports suggest that Apple is currently exploring the possibility of adding wireless charging modules to the next phone, too. That would mean that it would just need to be set down on a special surface to charge it – in keeping with Apple’s commitment to keep moving towards a wireless future. source: Independent.co.uk

Wireless charging method in BMW vehicles

Those who use a smartphone with a wireless charging function or wish to upgrade their smartphone with this technology can now also use this comfortable charging method in BMW vehicles. The snap-in wireless charging adapter available as an original BMW accessory offers wireless charging, whilst serving as a safe and stable storage system for the mobile phone. An integrated LED display provides continuous information on the charging process and the status of the mobile phone when it is not in use. The stainless steel/matt black plastic retaining clip ensures that the mobile phone is held firmly in place. The rubberized underside of the retaining clip protects the display from scratches. The inductive connection with the external aerial guarantees optimum network coverage and reduces the level of radiation inside the car. The snap-in wireless charging adapter can be used in all BMW vehicles fitted with a base plate.

Wireless charging also for the Apple iPhone.

The new wireless charging case from the original BMW accessory range permits wireless charging of Apple iPhones (5, 5S, 6 and 6 Plus) in the new BMW 7 Series with the wireless charging option or in all other BMW models with the snap-in wireless charging adapter. The attractive wireless charging case in BMW design is a one-piece unit with a fold-up lid and is used in a similar way to a conventional mobile phone protective case. When the iPhone is put into the case, it is compatible with all Qi-certified chargers – whether at home, at the office or out and about.

Galaxy Note 7 supports Qi Wireless Charging

Samsung finally took the wraps off its heavily-rumored smartphone, the Galaxy Note 7. With some killer new S Pen features, top-of-the-line specifications, an iris scanner and plenty of other enhancements, the Galaxy Note 7 might be one of the best flagship phones of the year.

The Note 7 gets a big bump up in battery capacity this time around. It comes with a non-removable 3,500mAh cell that’s pretty much in line with other larger devices. And as we mentioned before, USB Type-C will be the way to charge the Note 7. Samsung claims that the Note 7 can get a full charge in the time it takes the S7’s smaller 3,000mAh cell to charge, too, which is quite impressive. The Note 7 also supports WPC Qi wireless charging.

Samsung Gear S2 With built-in wireless charging

Finally, a smartwatch that’s designed for the speed of your life. With elegant curves and premium finishes, the Samsung Gear S2 will turn heads. The intuitive circular face and bezel let you navigate effortlessly to get to what you need. And with access to important notifications at a glance, you can get more out of every moment of your day with the Samsung Gear S2. With built-in wireless charging, it’s easy to keep the Gear S2 powered up. Whether you’re at home, work or anywhere in between, you can power up by simply setting your Gear S2 on the wireless charging dock.

Qi Compliance


The Qi logo is a trademark of the Wireless Power Consortium. Compatible wireless chargers, compatible mobile phones, and other compatible mobile devices may license the Qi logo.

Qi is fully compatible, meaning that that any phone or other device carrying the Qi logo will work with any charging surface that carries the Qi logo, regardless of manufacturer or brand.

Only products that were tested by an independent test lab may carry the logo.



Unfortunately, the Qi logo is sometimes used on products that were not properly tested. Such a product may not work correctly. Typical failures of untested products are:

  • a charger works with some phones and not all phones
  • a phone can charge on some charger and on all chargers
  • the phone becomes dangerously hot
  • charging is frequently interrupted

Apple Lags Behind Competition

It’s no question that wireless technology is on the rise. It can be found all over the place these days, and especially in mobile platform electronics. The Samsung Galaxy 6 and S6 Edge smartphones have it, and Windows certainly supports it. So, it comes as a surprise to many that Apple – pioneers of mobile devices such as the iPod and creators of the Smartphone – are behind in the game. Not only was their 2014 iPhone 6S lacking wireless technology, but their more recently released Apple Watch also lacks what is quickly becoming a basic technology.

As of April, 2015 Apple has claimed via their website to be seeking to hire a Senior Charging Design Engineer. The job search statement is as follows, “The position primarily involves advance wireless charging and DC-DC power design for Apple’s next generation mobile platforms.” It continues with a core requirement being, “Candidate must possess deep knowledge of wireless charging standards.”

Based on the post, it is possible Apple may finally be looking to join in on the benefits of wireless charging technology. That being said, they are starting from quite a ways behind. To this day, Apple consumers are still tethered their by charging cords and most devices require daily charging via this method.