PowerDISTANCE is the first wireless charger capable of charging at a distance of up to 35 mm on any type of non-metallic surface (wood, ceramic, glass, …)

Thanks to the improvement in the distance ratio, its installation is very simple, since it does not require any adaptation or manipulation in the furniture where it is desired to install, being able to fix it under the table with a practical adhesive system.

With 5V / 1A output, the new PowerDISTANCE is compatible with all phones that incorporate Qi standard and BPP wireless charging technology and has CE and RoHs certifications. REACH and FCC approved.

Designed and patented, this new product is the best solution to incorporate wireless charging on any surface where you want to enjoy this comfortable wireless technology.

Qi Momentum Propels on Heels of CES 2015

The Qi wireless charging standard has been around since 2008, when a group of innovative companies formed the Wireless Power Consortium. The WPC quickly understood that businesses and consumers needed a simple, open wireless power standard to deliver affordable and quality products.

Like all new standards such as WiFi or USB, it has taken some time for a leading wireless charging standard to emerge, but that time has finally arrived. During the recent 2015 CES Show in Las Vegas, it was clear that the WPC’s original vision for a safe, simple and highly efficient wireless charging standard for the masses is becoming a reality.

Consider these facts:
• 200 WPC member companies in 20 countries now offer Qi products
• There are now more than 600 Qi certified products
• More than 50 million Qi devices are already in the market
• Over 70 smartphones from top handset manufacturers use Qi
• There are now 15 models of cars on roads around the world that have integrated Qi charging

These facts were brought to life at CES, where companies from a huge spectrum of industries showed eager consumers an array of useful Qi products that cut the last cord and eliminate battery anxiety in just about any location.

Automaker Audi, for instance, demonstrated a functioning Qi-enabled center console charger for its automobiles at CES. Audi is a member of the German auto consortium CE4A, which includes BMW, Daimler, Porsche and VW, which has already chosen Qi as the de facto wireless charging standard.

Qi is also powering up the fast-food experience with the agreement between WPC member Aircharge and McDonald’s UK to add 600 wireless charging hotspots to more than 50 McDonald’s restaurants in and around London.

The visitor questions at this year’s WPC CES booth were another reflection of just how far Qi has come. While a basic education was in order in previous years, many people this year had a good understanding of Qi’s progress and saw it in action as both a closely coupled and loosely coupled system. Our demonstrations in the Qi Café and the Qi Hotel provided a glimpse into the reality of how Qi is being rolled out in public spaces, office buildings, restaurants and hotels.

While people sift through the standards debate and “FUD” by other market players, WPC members have remained focused on delivering innovative, real-world wireless charging solutions with Qi: products that work, continue to gain adoption and evolve to meet future demand and real-world applications.

Clearly, Qi is already a robust, proven standard with a great deal to offer to technology developers, businesses and consumers. It was evident at CES 2015, where many Qi products were announced from companies like Belkin, Toshiba, TYLT, Verizon and others. Manufacturers and consumers can feel confident that the Qi wireless power ecosystem is gaining the critical mass it needs. I look forward to witnessing and sharing more examples of this momentum in the coming months with Mobile World Congress 2015 and with numerous milestones to follow.

source: WPC

Ook nieuwe vlaggenschip G3 van LG laad je draadloos op

LAAD DE LG G3 DRAADLOOS OP met behulp van Qinside

De G3 laad je draadloos op, dus geen gedoe met kabeltjes. Ook is de accudichtheid verhoogd naar 3000 mAh, waardoor je de telefoon veel langer kunt gebruiken zonder op te laden. Bovendien is de accu uitneembaar, zodat je altijd een reserve-accu bij de hand kunt houden.

*WPC To Demo World’s Most Advanced Resonant Wireless Charging System

wpcWPC To Demo World’s Most Advanced Resonant Wireless Charging System Compatible With Existing 40+ Million Qi Phones

New backward-compatible Qi extension will allow extended device placement freedom, multi-device charging and high efficiency

Las Vegas – January 6, 2014 – The Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) today announced it will demonstrate the next evolution of Qi wireless charging at the 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show: industry-leading magnetic resonance.
The WPC is developing a resonance extension to the Qi spec that will maintain backward compatibility with the installed base of 40+ million devices and products worldwide, including the 60 models of Qi-compatible phones, tablets, and chargers sold today. The first examples of the extension’s capabilities will be unveiled by WPC members ConvenientPower and PowerbyProxi at the WPC booth, SL-2 in the South Hall 3 lobby, located on the upper level.