With Qi in offices, you can take clumsy, corded charging off the table

Many leading companies like Facebook, Google, Texas Instruments, Verizon have deployed Qi chargers in corporate meeting rooms.

By putting wireless charging in tables, desks and office spaces, employees can charge their devices anywhere and don’t have to be interrupted during meetings due to their battery losing charge. With the increased power extension to the Qi charging standard, the charging area will soon accommodate laptop computers as well.

In addition to saving time in meetings fumbling for the power cord, office-based wireless charging requires minimal remodeling costs, offers easy-access power source in all rooms and spaces, and minimizes the appearance of unsightly cords for a more organized workspace.

Many new offices enable people to control their environment through the use of mobile phone apps. Controlling lights, HVAC and AV systems in this way is convenient as long as your phone is charged. (Source WPC)