Qi Technology

What is Qi

Wireless Charging with a wireless energy transfer of up to 5 watt. Qi (the Chinese word for “energy flow“, pronounced like the “chee“ in “cheese“) is the new universal standard for wireless charging of battery opererated devices like mobile telephones, iPods, MP3 players and cameras,… read more

How does Qi work

It’s based on the principle of induction Inductive Charging, Wireless Charging isn’t really a completely new product. Electric toothbrushes have been using the principles of inductive charging for many years. Qi Wireless Charging uses a resonant inductive coupling between the sender (the charging station) and the reciever (the mobile device). read more

Why Qi Wireless Charging

No more different chargers, no cable spaghetti, no empty batteries As endless new smartphones cover the world battery running times have become shorter. Every make, sometimes even every device, has its own special charger. When you get a new device you need a new compatible charger. read more

Qi Wireless Charging as a global standard

Qi Wireless Charging as a global standard for inductve charging for mobile phone batteries. Do you remember the first time you heard of Wi-FiTM or Bluetooth®? Just as Wi-FiTM has become the global standard for wireless internet connections and Bluetooth® for handsfree, so will Qi become the global standard for inductive charging. read more