Add Wireless Charging to Any Device

Wireless charging has been out for quite a while now with high-end phones usually equipped with this fancy type of charging. Although it has been getting traction lately, it is still not par with the current charging standard and isn’t available in a lot of phones. There are alternatives such as a back cover with a wireless charging receiver built-in, or a phone case that doubles as a wireless charging receiver. Some phones do not have these alternatives available, but does that mean you’ll never be able to have wireless charging? Of course not! We’re here to help you get wireless charging available for whatever device you want.

Things needed:
• Back Cover or Phone Case
• Universal Wireless Charging Receiver (Such as this one)
• Any device that can charge through a micro-USB

Preparation for the Back Cover or Phone Case
Something to know before hand is that any metal cover or case will make sure that you will not be able to have wireless charging. So if you have a metal back cover such as the HTC One M8, you can get phone case instead. This is needed because the wireless charging receiver does not look pretty on the back of your phone. Covering your phone up can give you a nicer looking device. There might be a small bulge on the back depending on the cover or case, but it shouldn’t be that much of a hassle since the receiver is very thin.
Preparation for the Wireless Charging Receiver
Before buying the universal wireless charging receiver, check the device you are using it on and the position of the micro-USB. You do not want to get a wireless charging receiver with the plug on the wrong side of your phone. This link gives choices for which kind of wireless receiver you need. If ever you do get the wrong one, you may still use it, but it could be a hassle trying to bend a very short wire.
Another thing to check is the position of the micro-USB. It will either be having the narrow-side on top or bottom, again, just use the right one for your device.
Do note down that it will be charging at only 500mA, which will mean that your phone will be charging slower. If you want added convenience and some cool factor, this is a sacrifice you exchange for this, if you have the time spare such as during the night, this shouldn’t be much of a problem.
Once you got all the things you need, just plug the universal wireless charging receiver in your micro-USB port and stick it to the back of your device. Try your best to get the center of the coil aligned with the center of your phone to lessen hassles with trying to align it to the wireless charger. If you’re doing this on a tablet, the coil can only reach onto the side nearer to where the micro-USB port is, and so we wouldn’t recommend this on tablets.
When it’s placed properly, simply cover it up with your case or back cover and you’re done! Try it out with any Qi wireless charger to see if it all works well and enjoy wireless charging! Source: Victor Corda, QiWireless
Where to buy: Charging Company

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