Apple to Add Wireless Charging to Future iDevices

With Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge bundled with wireless charging inside, it’s about time Apple thinks about doing the same with their own devices.

According to Apple’s website, they are currently searching for a Senior Wireless Charging Design Engineer which was posted on April 1. With the statement, The position primarily involves advance wireless charging and DC-DC power design for Apple’s next generation mobile platforms” on the job summary, we can safely say that there will be wireless charging in the next iPhone devices to come.

We are not yet sure which wireless charging standard they will follow since it was not mentioned throughout the job posting. The only thing we can find regarding it is this absolutely vague phrase, Candidate must possess deep knowledge of wireless charging standards…”

They might be making their very own wireless charging case covering Qi and PMA standards, like the wireless charging back covers for the past Samsung smartphones. Whether it will be built into the next iPhone or into a wireless charging case, it’s good to know that Apple is finally implementing wireless charging into their future devices.

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