Apple’s Watch charger Qi-compatible

The Apple Watch is the first device from the company to support wireless charging out of the box. In the past, the company has expressed reluctance regarding wireless charging, with marketing chief Phil Schiller saying in 2012 that the convenience of such technology was questionable, given that it still needed to be plugged into a wall. In the end, Apple opted to not go for the “power mat” approach, even if the Apple Watch will apparently support such accessories. The charger that ships with the Apple Watch is instead a small magnetic clasp on one end, and a traditional USB plug on the other, allowing the cable to be plugged into power in a variety of fashions. AppleInsider reader Albert C. Lee reached out on Friday to share a video, where he shows the Apple Watch magnetic charger being used with the Moto 360. This would seem to confirm that Apple’s charger is Qi-compatible, despite the fact that Apple has not been announced as a supporter of the Qi standard. Original article by Neil Hughes
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