Over a third of Dutch want wireless mobile charging

38% of Dutch consumers see the possibility of wireless charging as a reason to switch phones, according to research by Telecompaper, based on its Consumer Panel. Over half of those consumers ready to switch (20% of all respondents) say they will switch as soon as their mobile contract is to be renewed. Nine percent wants to switch as soon as there are sufficient mobile devics that offer wireless charging, another nine percent will switch only if they can stick to their current brand.nnWhere 38 percent of Dutch consumers would see a mobile phone with wireless charging capability as a reason to switch phones, 37 percent say the will not switch for this reason. Another 25 percent of consumers say they don’t know yet if they would switch phones. The number of phones with te capability of wireless charing is still limited. Samsung and Nokia have introduced severall phones in the Netherlands that use a smartphone cover for wireless charging. Several consortia such as the Wireless Power Consortium are working on standards for wireless charging. The number of mobile phones with built-in capacity for wireless charging is increasing. Source: Telecompaper
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