*Users describe their experience with wireless charging

Users describe their experience with wireless charging

Qi delivers a great user experience, not only in theory but in real life. Read what these users experienced:

“I’ve also found myself converted to wireless charging — the Nexus 5 supports the Qi charging standard, and I’ve been using it with a Samsung charging pad for the past couple of months. (In fact, I’ve only plugged my Nexus 5 in to charge a handful of times in total.) Phil’s been using the Zens Wireless Charger. It’s a feature we’d love to see on more devices in the coming year.” – Alex Dobie in Android Central.

“Now I have it, I wouldn’t be without it. I’ve put charging pads in the two offices I work in regularly, and by my bed. In combination with NFC tags to set a profile in each place, they really improve the usability of a smartphone, so much so that both capabilities will be non-negotiable requirements for my next phone.” – Geoff Cambell in a comment on an article in The Register. read more

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